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Olive & Silk

Anne-Marie Onyeani 

Soap alchemist and silkworm farmer


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I am married with twin boys and have been in Darwin since 2006. I have been making soap for many years but I am still just as fascinated by soapmaking process today as I was when I made my first batch. It’s a little bit of science, a little bit of art ... and just a little bit of magic.


Gallimaufry Designs

Bev Garside

Textile artist


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Bev studied at Loughborough College of Art and Design (UK) where she gained a BA (Hons) degree in Textile Design, specialising in Fine Art Embroidery. She is a teacher and an Art Therapist. 

Bev’s work is very eclectic and draws from a wide range of subject matter, media and styles. She loves recycling, colour, texture and silk and these usually feature strongly in her designs.


Bev & Trevor Hinchcliffe

Wood Turners


Bev and Trevor arrived in Darwin in 1989 for months. They’re still here and consider Darwin to be a way of life.

They have both been woodturning for over twenty years and share a love of timber - the colours, the texture and the grain - and the way the first coat of a finish brings it to life.

They use both Australian and exotic timbers and are always on the lookout for new timbers to turn.


Boo is an independent artist and designer working from a home studio at Darwin River, NT. Studied in many things, she is primarily a fabric designer. 

All bippidii boppidii fabrics are printed in Australia from her original  designs. Boo and her son Dorian then cut and sew homewares, bags and accessories in-house. 

Boo is inspired by the natural environment and has developed a soft spot for birds in particular.


Chiggy's Place



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Chiggy is a local artist who uses her intuition, bright colours and some good old positive thinking to create her semi abstract artworks, influenced by our amazing and harsh, yet beautiful, landscapes plus all the shapes and colours nature has on offer. She has exhibited both as a solo artist and in group exhibitions both in Darwin and interstate and is keen to further develop this side of her work. Chiggy has also developed and produced a range of products from her artworks.

Just Stuff

Chris Brown


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I have always been around old Stuff since I was a kid as my Dad is an antique dealer. Going to work with him was like searching for treasure.
I started out making jewellery from Stuff back in England as a sideline to my electrical career. It was always in my mind that I wanted to make furniture and homewares though, and I made a few pieces for a mate’s barber shop. It was when I moved to Australia and got settled in a place with a much-needed shed that I really got to work. I love being in the shed and giving once-useful things a new purpose.


Danila Rainow


Instagram @rainowdanila


Danila is an emerging innovative concrete and mixed media artist/artisan. He produces works ranging from highly functional yet beautiful bespoke concrete tables, bench tops to timeless wall hangings and finely made statement earrings. 

His approach to working with designer concrete combines hyper creativity with scientific methodology. Growing up close to nature Danila draws inspiration from the natural world both living and inanimate. His works can speak to geological formations and rock strata - you may get the sense of flying over a landscape and yet you can be drawn into a microscopic world of cells, microbes and fibres. 


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