Our Territory Talent

We are busy collecting all the artist information, so soon we will have all our talented exhibitors and links to their social media and websites right here.

Aly de Groot
Aly de Groot - Fiber Artist
Anne-Marie Onyeani
Soap Alchemist & Silk Worm Farmer
Bev and Trev
Wood Turning
bippidii boppidii
Chiggy's Place
Chris Brown
Just Stuff
Deb Josling
Kiln Glass Artist
Debra Senjuschenko
Sands Of Time Designs
Doreen Dyer
Studio D
Elizabeth Martin
Eric Nunn
Eric Nunn Jewellery
Felicity Martin
Jackie Dupe
Jackie Oh Yes - Jewellery
Janie Andrews
Textile Artist
Jasmine Jan
Jasmine Jan Studio/Gallery
Kate & Gerald
Studio Elevenlee - Pottery
Kelly Vains
Collage Artist
Marita Albers
Salty Mermaid Gallery
Nicole Boucher
Blue Mallee
Nicole Evans
La Paloma Jewellery
Peta Goodram
Piiij Creations - Polymer Clay Earrings
Peta Smith
Precious Paradise - Textile Artist & Ceramics
Sandra Kendall
Sandra Kendall Books
Sarah Martin
Artist & Graphic Designer
Sandy Baldwin
Polymer Clay Jewellery
Sherie Hunt
Territory Tie-Dye
Hell & Wholesome
Sue Chaplin
Snapperartsy - Photography
Virginia Boyanton
Virginia Boyanton Ceramics
Merran Sierakowski
Sculptor and Printmaker
Veronica Priestly
Textile Artist
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The Local NT

Jasmine Jan

Jasmine Jan Studio/Gallery